Sorry I don’t think I know how to express the tone and attitude with text but I’m trying to show the difference of “meh, whatever” vs “Yes, I really want this!”

I think I went through the majority of my life on “meh, whatever” without really knowing it. I mean I’ve been overweight, obese, morbidly obese all my life. I was the fat kid in school. The one that got names called, the one that was super conscious on how I looked, always pulling my shirt down so it hides the fat.. y’know, THAT kid.

I did, I did have a desire…

”booo you’ve talked about this already!!”

I know I know let me explain. I don’t think I’ve shared the absolute naked version of this cookie. I haven’t made it in a while cos I’ve been trying to spice things up for the kiddos. This is the grown up version.

It’s been this side quest of mine to figure out easy to make alternatives for everyday treats. Cookies, cake, bread. There are times where I want the MOST GUILTY version, and there are times where I just want the most simple GUILT-FREE version. This is the latter.

Most cookies are made from a combination…

I believe progress is inevitable.

All this time I thought I was working on a 16/8 fast, apparently I’ve been planning for a 18/6 fast. So yes, yesterday’s fast was actually 18 hours, not 16. Which I’m kinda happy about. That means 18 hours feels really good, and I might as well go with that. And the guilt of dipping below 18 hours when it feels unbearable is significantly lifted cos 16 hours is absolutely no problem at all.

16 hours goes by super fast for me. I try to have my dinner end by 6pm. Which means by the next day’s…

It is 22:09 as I’m writing this, my last meal ended at a little before 18:00. First day of intermittent fasting has past, we’re on the second day and.. I can’t describe how well everything has fit together. I mean.. actually hang on. Let me rewind.

Mini story time.

I realized going back to somewhere in the first 10 episodes of my vlog I was already talking about intermittent fasting. I think it was around that time that I tried it for the first time. Back then I had a different goal though. I wanted to stop using myfitnesspal. I wanted to…

Pretty fantastic.

Before I go on I’d like to stress that I still don’t recommend intermittent fasting as the go-to weight loss method. There’s definietly a lot of success stories about it, but I’ve also seen it backfire where the hunger becomes unbearable, the mindset goes into a negative tug-o-war which ends in binge eating.

Rinse and repeat that a few times, now IF has gotten you worse results you’ve started out with. Hmm, I guess that’s true for all diets really. Except IF feels a tad more extreme cos you’re playing with hunger. No other diet methods are giving you a…

Going forward I’ll be talking a lot more about IF. I guess this is kinda a big step that I’ve finally decided on my diet path for the foreseeable future. The only hiccup I can think of is the day I start taking workouts more seriously. I’m not sure how I feel about fasted workouts, I hear great things about it but haven’t actually dabbled in it much myself to have an opinion.

So today I wanna go through what IF is not. There were a lot of questions during my IF experimental phase a few months back.

Intermittent fasting..:
1) is NOT…

I’ve had my run with intermittent fasting. After my initial 2–3 months on IF, it’s been on and off. I admit, it was experimental. The last time it was off was due to a petty reason. It was the day I got sick for half the day, mainly cos of lack of sleep. But that day I was doing on a 16/8 IF and was reluctant to break the fast even though I wasn’t feeling well cos I was already 13–14 hours in.

Ridiculous I know, there was zero reason to have not kept going. But that experience left a minor…

I drink a lot of coffee everyday. It’s my only “guilty pleasure”. I don’t even enjoy it, as in it’s not something super savory to me. I simply like how it feels when I drink it. Kinda.. comforting.

I’m immune to most effects of caffeine it seems. I could drink coffee and sleep the next minute. It does give me a tad more endurance during exercise but that’s about it.

With most people I meet, it’s over a cup of coffee. I noticed that it’s super rare to have someone voluntarily drink pure black coffee. Most will add sugar, milk…

Meal prep wasn’t something I got into until AFTER I hit my weight goal. That’s right, for two years+ I was preparing meals on a daily basis. For whatever reason I thought meal prep had to be this super complicated thing that took a lot of time, and I could never get my food to stay fresh for over 5 days.

I admit, my lack of effort didn’t help. I was much more concerned with myfitnesspal and weighing my food back then. Lately I’ve been able to explore food prep a lot more. I’ve found it almost impossible to prep for…

This is probably the question I get the most lately. If you’re reading this chances are you already know the answer. I mean technically I could share my menu, there’s no secret about it really. But it’s just, it does no one any good.
My everyday food menu is designed around a couple of things:
1) My personal calorie goals
2) My personal macro goals
3) My sleeping schedule
4) My day schedule
5) When the kiddos eat
6) My personal preference on food
7) My random decisions to pick convenience over preference
8) My random decisions to eat something ‘healthy’ cos it’s been 3 years and I’m curious


The Pohhu Experience is documenting life after losing over -110lbs(-50k). Daily videos on IGTV about weight loss / nutrition / fitness. IG: @pohhuexp

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