An Intern Learning Week at Microsoft

Yong Keat Poh
3 min readJul 14, 2019


‘Say Cheese!’ — interns from all over APAC

Just about 2 weeks ago, 54 interns from the SEA + ANZ region came together for a week-long intern learning journey at Microsoft Sydney, where we learnt about Microsoft’s values, culture & technology. Given the comprehensive set of sessions organised for us interns, I’ve gained multiple insights into what being a Microsoftie means.

Being at Microsoft is more than just working for Microsoft — it is also how one can “come as you are and do what you love.” Just like how he followed his dreams of jumping to work in HR from engineering and playing his Creole guitar in office everyday, Diego believes that we can have trust in the company’s constant support to choose something we enjoy doing. At the radio show, many more stories also further reiterated that we can use Microsoft as a platform to pursue what we love.

Diego Rejtman handing out some Tim-Tams. (it’s really good stuff!)

Another thing that resonated a lot with me was the Growth Mindset that Microsoft is adapting. In a world full of change, we need to move from a ‘know-it-all’ to ‘learn-it-all’ mindset. More than often, I find myself learning something new whenever I speak to someone. To truly grow, we need to stay humble and open to ideas of others, where we also need to constantly remind ourselves to be inclusive. With a diverse environment, we can then benefit from varied and well-represented perspectives.

The Challenger Mindset session had been particularly interesting to me, especially on the concept of constructive tension. To be able to move forward and differentiate oneself, we need to regularly challenge the norm, and raise questions against assumptions so we can generate healthy tension.

Challenger Mindset by Monica Kelly & James Farrell

On our last day, we were also given chances to conduct mentoring sessions for Australian high school students. Despite the short 2–3 hours session, I am glad to be able to share my humble tips and advice on interview preparations. It felt like an amazing mini achievement seeing my mentees craft and deliver their stories.

Last but of course, Microsoft technology has never been short of mindblowing. From Quantam Computing labs to Microsoft Technology Centre demos, it’s been such an eye-opener.

I am truly grateful for this amazing opportunity to experience such an inspirational and meaningful week, which wouldn’t have been possible without the UR team and FTEs who came down to support the event. Also shoutout to all the interns being such amazing company and making ILW an eventful one!

Definitely much more fun with friends around! :D

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