These questions of legality are outdated.

So true. The concept of “legality” in war is nonsensical except in the sense that BOTH sides agree to fight by some civilized standard, and actually do so. If “dum dum bullets violate some (stupid) treaty, and neither side uses them, then great. You don’t (can’t) fight a massive war against an enemy that has no rules whatsoever with lawyers and judges. First of all, we don’t have jurisdiction there, and they don’t have rights here. That is the definition of war. The ugly fact, and it is ugly,mis that the people who push these suicidal self limitations DO in fact know that they will cause us to lose -nobody is that ignorant! They understand it perfectly and they propose these srlf limitations precisely for that reason — it gives them the end result they favor, while allowing them to claim to not be on the enemy’s side. There, I said it.

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