The next war, will be between the US and Russia, it will go nuclear very quickly and A10’s will not…

That’s nonsense. Zero chance of that happening. Also, we don’t procure weapons that take 10 to almost 20 years to design and build, at the drop of a hat in the name of only one singular national security threat. CAS is a general and extremely necessary role, and the A10 does it well, while the F35 cannot. I can tell you have never set a boot on the ground in combat or you would not dismiss the crucial CAS role like that. Nothing is more reassuring for our ground troups in the middle of a nasty ground fight than to see a pair of A10's approaching — and nothing makes the enemy sh!t their britches quite the same way. A10's killed more tanks in Iraq than any other plane.

Besides, no nation has more formidable number of tanks than Russia, and killing Russian tanks and such is precisely what the A10 was designed to do. I can think of no circumstance in which an A10 would be more useful than the unlikely scenario you mentioned.

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