I stopped reading at the US has received 171 aircraft and Russia none.

The fatal decision to base the f35a and f35c on the STOVL F35b was not Lockheed’s. The plane was doomed from that point on, and it was an ignorant, naive congress that needed to be bought off with scattered production strategies in order to be willing to provide for the defense of their country, who insisted they build Fararis on dump truck frames that doomed the f35a and c. Lockheed marketed to the corrupt congress the way the corrupt congress demands it be marketed to. The concurrent production and development, however, may have been their fault wholly or partially, and was a terrible idea.

I’m tired of people blaming everyone but the politicians for the trillion dollar debacles only politicians can create. Not vouching for Lockheed or anyone else, but the demanded design parameters were impossibly ridiculous to begin with.