The CIA torture program was unquestionably horrific.
Steven D. Arnold

Yeah, no, this does not amount to “joining the ranks of the worst” or anything close to it. The author either knows this, and has ulterior motives for his article, or has no clue about the worst and their actions. Try looking up “the killing tree cambodia” if you want a taste of how the communists beat thousands of babies and children to death in front of their parents in Cambodia. I make no excuses for some of the things you point out (although we are talking about terrorists that have done far worse… a point which escapes the author’s judgement rationale). Eisenhower did things in Germany that are a thousand times worse. Try learning about operation keelhaul, for example. Your selective condemnation is curious to say the least. The Chinese communist government (that remains in power) murdered as many as 65 million in the most horrific ways. Are we like they our for some rough treatment of terrorists who murder innocents? I think not. The Bolsheviks murdered ethnic Russians in uncountable numbers in buildings until the caked blood and bits of skull were centemeters thick across the entire floor, the bring in tools, scrape the blood out, then start over. The red army raped girls as young as 6 in Germany as Eisenhower forced Patton to let the Soviets take Eastern Europe. Hundreds of thousands died this way. Stalin murdered some 10 to 40 million in Russia and the Ukraine. You think we joined their ranks? Funny, I don’t hear or see the slightest concern in your article for the victims of these terrorists or these communist regimes, etc. The guy wanting author bio was on the right track. Odds are hard leftist pro marxist background.