PoignART Mission Statement

3 min readMar 8, 2022


PoignART (derived from poignard meaning “thin, sharp dagger”) is a platform for the world artists to cut with the emotion of their NFTs right into the hearts of a global audience, and create total compassion for the suffering of Ukrainians under Russian invasion. PoignART will automatically donate all proceeds to help Ukrainians via Unchain Fund. Thus, PoignART will amplify the very thing that Russia fears: freedom, expression and the right to self-determination via art. PoignART is a platform where the artists and collectors can both be certain that any funds raised from their minted NFTs will be donated to help the Ukrainian people.

PoignART is open to any and all artists. If you don’t know how to create an NFT, we will help you. Ukrainian, Russian, and Belorussian artists are especially welcomed. Any art is welcomed, with the obvious exception of anything directed against the people of Ukraine or violence of any kind. In general, let’s all try to be respectful and lead with love. We are against Putin’s aggression and propaganda, which is directed as much against the people of Russia as it is against Ukraine.
We welcome all formats of NFTs: static images, animations, musical tracks, etc. We welcome 1/1s and 1/1000s alike. Simple PFPs and complex masterpieces. Art is art. Emotion is emotion. Whatever your poignard is — may you wield it well!

No art, no matter how grotesque or revolting, deserves to be censored. We do not want to censor art. At the same time, we want to protect our community from abuse. So we are relying on our participating artists to use their best judgement when submitting artwork.

Why NFTs?
NFTs are verifiably unique and scarce, and are valued for that. They are an important status symbol for many, a sign of belonging (a POAP for being part of something). People are proud to collect NFTs of meaningful communities. NFTs also often have tremendous artistic value because of the vision of their creators, the undeniable talent. Similarly, we are now, today, becoming a part of the global community of people who came together to help the people of Ukraine in their darkest hour. We are proud to belong to this community, proud to display the PFPs from it, proud of however much money we can send them. As someone tweeted about Unchain — this is creating a race for the greatest TVS: Total Value Shared, with “wen moon?” replaced with “wen Ukraine safe?” NFTs are our badges of honor, our proof of belonging, our
value system on display. And we are very proud to use the power of NFTs for the benefit of people of Ukraine, to use NFTs to pierce hearts with emotional, beautiful, meaningful art.

We at PoignART are united around one strategic goal: help Ukrainian people defend the freedom and sovereignty of their country and shield the entire world from an aggressor in the face of Putin and Russian troops. Among numerous communities seeking to help Ukrainian people, uprising digital artists are not always in the position to launch their own NFT minting and
sale mechanism with an established verified way to donate the proceeds.
The PoignART team’s focus is to become the bridge between NFT artists, donors and donees. Our goal is for our tools to empower every artist with the ability to turn their digital art into NFTs and sell them for fundraising goals we stand for in the fastest most efficient way possible. PoignART provides an NFT minting platform to all artists willing to sell their art, proceeds from which will be fully donated Unchain.fund (100%) — charity project founded and stewarded by blockchain & crypto activists.
We empower NFT artists to be a part of a change by using NFT proceeds to bring in a new generous and passionate community of donors seeking giving opportunities through cryptocurrency. PoignART minting platform offers a tangible fundraising option and a reciprocal approach to charity.

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We are a platform for artists to create NFTs in support of Ukraine: all proceeds go to Unchain Fund.