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Jan 17 · 2 min read

Along with the growth of blockchain and crypto popularity, the need for blockchain professionals is also rising. There is a wrong opinion that blockchain jobs are only for programmers. In reality, there is a need for various professionals in different niches including law, marketing, design, translation, engineers, etc. Also, a big percentage of jobs are offered online for freelancers. According to the report published by the world’s largest freelance network Upwork in 2018, knowledge of blockchain technology came out on top among the specialties for which demand has grown the fastest.

This tendency keeps growing. In 2019, 2% more blockchain jobs were posted on Linkedin compared to 2018.

The leader among countries offering blockchain job is U.S.

Of course, people who are looking for blockchain jobs would like to know how much they can anticipate earning in this field. As in any other industry, it depends on various factors from which the most important are the kind and quality of the provided service. The yearly income may vary from $18,000 to $280,000 according to the job search website Glassdoor.

The major part of the blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs market remains to be focused on developers, and this continues to be the area of most demand. Another group of professionals in demand are lawyers especially in the U.S. But finding a lawyer who understands what blockchain is may be a tricky thing.

So are there any prospects for the field professionals? The answer is, yes! Though blockchain and cryptocurrencies remain unstable, the giant corporations still believe in them and see a huge potential in them, and they keep looking for new talents. So if you feel you are a good fit for the field, get into it!

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