Blockchain Conference Moscow

November 20, 2018

Moscow, Russia

The Blockchain Conference Moscow has been held for the eighth time.

The PointPay Team was pleased to be among the five hundred guests of the event. We had the opportunity to listen to the reports of forty speakers from seven countries.

The following fact seemed curious to the members of our team.

It was stated that Bitcoin is the “leader” of the cryptocurrency market since the level of interest of the masses to the latter varies in proportion to the fluctuations of the rate of the former.

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On the other hand, some speakers mentioned that cryptocurrency rates do not affect the functioning of the blockchain technology itself. These two points contradict each other, which made them a source of heated debates.

When getting acquainted with the examples of advanced technology implementation presented in the demonstration area, we paid much attention to the mining hardware.

Thermal energy, inevitably released in the process of mining, as a rule, disappears without any sense to the atmosphere. This technical installation directs it to residential heating in order to make the process of mining more reasonable. 21st-century reality promotes energy conservation, so this approach should be recognized as modern.

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