Consensus 2019

Point Pay
Point Pay
May 21, 2019 · 2 min read

May 13–15, 2019

New York, United States of America

A large-scale conference, Consensus-2019, was another stimulating factor for the ongoing bull run in the cryptocurrency market. It corresponded to expectations of many cryptocurrency experts, among which were financial analysts from PointPay. On May 14th in the middle of the event, the bitcoin rate broke through the psychological mark of $ 8000 for 1 BTC. Quotes returned to the values of last summer. On May 16, when the Consensus-2019 event was finished, the Ethereum price surged up to $ 270 for 1 ETH.

There were a lot of rumors that the world-famous American Internet company eBay plans to implement on its platform acceptance of payments in cryptocurrency. It turned out to be not true. Nevertheless, it is already clear that the blockchain technology penetration in everyday life can hardly be slowed down.

If it is not going to happen today, it will happen tomorrow.

The PointPay team was happy to take part in Consensus-2019. Our attention was mostly captivated by a brilliant speech of Brian Armstrong, general director of Coinbase. He spoke about the overwhelming success of his business. Just a year after the launch of the Coinbase Custody service the total amount of cryptocurrency assets under its management exceeded $ 1 billion. The platform was created for institutional investors from the US and the EU who can invest from $ 10 million. This is a great achievement. PointPay intends to repeat such a success, and even surpass it.

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