PointPay visit “CoinAdvice” conference

The #PointPay team is using every opportunity to get acquainted with the new trends in the crypto-industry. That’s why we attended one of the largest blockchain conferences in Southeast Asia. The three-day event brought together about one and a half thousand participants.
🤩Our attention was drawn to the presentation of Jirayut Srupsrisopa, the CEO of Bitkub. It’s one of the most popular digital asset exchanges in the Thai cryptocurrency market. He spoke about the current issues of crypto exchanges and traders’ requests to trading platforms.

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On the one hand, this valuable information sparked the desire among the team to improve the current concept of the project. 🧐
On the other hand, we found that PointPay is following the current global trend in the cryptocurrency market. The proof of it is our innovative four-level referral system, as well as crypto ETF trading and IEO option for blockchain projects. This makes our approach truly unique.

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Learn more about #PointPay: 👉https://pointpay.io/
#blockchain #cryptobank.

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