3 Bacon and Egg rolls

Following a surf in Cronulla recently, I bought 3 bacon and egg rolls and shared breakfast with a couple of guys doing it tough.

Michael, 54, was an ex servicemen who’d been on the streets far too long — a few years all told. He moved from bush to bush nightly to get privacy and to stay out of the nightly sea breeze. His bedding was nothing more than a big black trench coat that he wore 24x7.

Tibor, 49, grew up in Cronulla. Tibor recounted many local stories as a kid from the Shire, including knowing world surfing legend Occy (who was one year ahead of him at school).

Life hadn’t been all bad by any means for Tibor, but it had become that way of late. Tibor ended up in council housing in Orange where he almost got stabbed (through his own front door) — he said “people are hurting each other to get money to buy drugs”. He had his tv stollen, car tyres slashed and goods taken from his house. He was even pushed down a flight of stairs that broke his hip from a person in his own housing estate.

Tibor had no blankets — he moved himself all over Sydney trying to find respite and comfort in his own mind. It was positive to hear that Tibor was working with a welfare agent to move his life prospects forward.

I gave both of these guys a sleeping bag for which they were thankful for. I saw them the next day and they said they’d had the most comfortable sleep in recent memory.

Points for Purpose have provided more than 1,400 warm nights sleep to people on our streets. We’ve received bag donations from people as far away as Switzerland, UK and Spain as well as a lot of local support.

If you’d like to sleep a little easier knowing you’ve helped a homeless person in need, please donate your points or buy a bag today at pointsforpurpose.org

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