Changing the world, one point at a time.

In September of this year I slept outside and channeled the life of a homeless person. Why? Because an English friend of mine decided to donate his Qantas air miles to a good cause. He could never have known what such a simple act of kindness would become. His points made it possible for me to buy 7 zero-degree rated sleeping bags, the first of which was given to a 50-year old homeless man (Mack) in Como, south of Sydney, Australia on Thursday, 17th September.

Mack, until very recently, was living in Como Dog Park. When we went to meet Mack, his life’s possessions sat covered by blue tarpaulins in four plastic boxes behind him. He lay curled up, eyes closed on an old green mattress on the creek bank of the park. Mack told us he’d been on the streets for several years. He grew up right here in this neighbourhood, having attended Jannali boys school. Mack began to cry as he shared his very violent upbringing, telling us how, as a 7 year old he often watched his mother “get bashed like a rag doll”. He recalled regularly walking his mum up a goat track to hide her from his raging father. He said “rum doesn’t mix well with anything. Maybe a nip in a black tea, but that’s it.” Mack would watch his father drink bottles of rum and then bash his family. He recounted the time his father threw a lit gasoline heater at him. Small wonder that he lives by the following principles: “Be good. Be kind. Be careful.”

What could we give Mack? Our respect. Our company, and a little bit of comfort. When we gave Mack his brand new zero-degree sleeping bag, he was speechless with only tears streaming his cheeks, before saying “The red carpet was rolled out for me today. I feel like a million dollars now”. When we asked him the last time he felt happy, he replied with “when I was in hospital…the food was so good”.

Two things we all value — a warm shower and a good night’s sleep. If we can’t put a roof over someone’s head, why not join me in making sure they’re tucked up warm at night, wherever they are?

I throw the challenge out to you. If you’ve got Qantas, Virgin or Flybuys points, please consider using them to purchase a sleeping bag, have it sent to me, and then challenge someone else to do the same.

At Points for Purpose, we’re aligning with as many charities as we can to ensure these bags are gifted to people most in need.

Together, we can make immediate impact to under-privileged people’s lives.

To exercise your points or to find out more about this cause, head to

Changing the world one point at a time.

Dave Drury
Points for Purpose

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