Does this sound like the Aussie dream to you?

Would you love to wake each morning to the sound of waves as they lap up against the rocks in one of Sydney’s most iconic beaches?

Do you dream of rolling out of bed and being that close to the ocean that you could almost fall into it? So close in fact that you can taste the salt on your lips from the sea spray? You can watch the yachts as they sail past and you can almost touch the humpback whales as they migrate north and south.

Imagine being the first to feel the sun’s rays on you at sunrise, and the last to say goodnight to the moon when it finally turns off its bright natural light.

Sounds romantic right?

But let’s take away the things I never mentioned:

You don’t have a shelter to keep you warm, safe and secure. There’s no bed, no blankets, no toilet, no shower and certainly no fridge for food. No cupboards of linen, closets of clothes, no gadgets, no electricity or anything that remotely resembles safety and comfort. In fact, the clothes on your person are it.

Imagine in order to keep warm you would run up and down this beautiful beach at night. You’d chase wild foxes as a way to keep yourself fit and active, and less lonely. And you’d travel suburbs upon suburbs to find charities handing out food, clothing, and welfare.

Does this sound like the Aussie dream to you?

This is the exact life of Adam, a homeless guy I met last night. A guy who has been on the streets for 11 months now. He was bashed in the city, had all of his possessions stollen, so he fled to the coast — just like you and I would dream of.

Adam proudly took one of our sleeping bags. He loved the fact that it was camouflaged because it’ll not only give him protection from the elements but it’ll give him peace of mind too.

Please check the status of your Qantas, Virgin and Flybuy points today. If you can help us help more people like Adam it would be a very good thing. Plus, it feels amazing to do something kind for another human being.

Share this story. Spread the word about this cause. Lets aim for another 15 bags donated before Christmas so we can put a smile on a few more faces.

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