Mack is off the streets!

It was 9.18pm Thursday, 13th October and I received a text message from Mack “Can you please ring me. Thanks”

For those unfamiliar with who Mack is, read his story here.

I phoned him. He says “who’s this?” When he realises, he didn’t know where to start, but he was mighty happy I was on the other end of the phone.

Mack tells me he’s no longer on the streets but is in a unit — with his own bedroom, a backyard with grass, a front door with a lock on it, a shower he can use anytime of the day with hot water that doesn’t run out, and two flat mates that he gets on with.

Since giving him his sleeping bag about 5 weeks ago, his story unfolds like this:

- the bag kept me extremely warm, it meant I didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night and run up and down stairs to keep warm before hopping back into his blankets
- the camouflage coloured bag allowed him to run into the bush and stay warm and hidden when strangers would approach
- the bag was new, clean and he was the only owner it had had — he felt appreciated and special.

He told me that one afternoon whilst away from his camp he returned to …. nothing. Everything was gone! His clothes, blankets, sleeping bag, phone,….everything!! The council had come and cleaned him up and out. Back to the beginning? No!

Mack is forced to stay out that night alone, cold and without any possessions.

Next day, he makes it up to the shops and sees the local church pastor at SeeChange. The pastor takes him to K-Mart to go shopping. Mack tells me he asks for 2 pairs of trackies, and that’s it. The pastor says, what about some jeans, socks, hoodie, shirts, etc. Mack starts to cry and says he can’t believe how nice he was treated. From there, the pastor booked him into what Mack calls ‘a motel’, but it was a refuge for homeless people and victims of abuse. He thinks back on his motel experience and says it was really nice.

Today however, he’s in a unit and he’s really happy. And so am I. He’s safe, warm, and his life is in a better place to when we met just 5 weeks ago.

Points for Purpose allowed us to give a man hope, keep him warm and feel safe during the night. It gave us the opportunity to hear his story and help him change his path.

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