Jake was lost, but now is found.

Meet Jake.

Jake worked for over 10 years as a restaurant manager of a successful Italian business in the bustling city of Melbourne.

He loved his job, managing a strong team, ensuring his customers received a top service.

Jake’s wife sadly became unwell. Not just sick, terminally ill. He chose to spend as much time as possible nursing her back to health, well, this was his wish.

The care required became a full time job, so Jake made the choice to quit his job and to care for his beloved wife full time.

After a two year battle, Jake’s wife’s illness got the better of her. Her body passed away in the arms of the man who loved her more than anything or anyone in the world.

That day, a piece of Jake died too.

So now Jake was alone and lost in a world which was once a warm, friendly, familiar place to be. He not only lost his wife, he lost his confidence, his job, the ability to afford his home. Like many, Jake lost his way.

Jake lived on the street for two years. In that time he desperately tried to find work in every way he possibly could, including moving to Sydney where he thought there might be more opportunities. Why wouldn’t anyone give this qualified, experienced man a job? Maybe because he didn’t look like the old Jake, the respectable Manager, clean and shaven. Now he looked like a ‘homeless’ man. A man who many would seemingly dismiss and overlook.

His confidence was waning, his clothes were deteriorating, his life was slipping away. But he never gave up.

He tirelessly sought out work — any work that was available from cleaning toilets to waitering, to management. Nothing progressed except his despair and frustration.

Some people get lost in their story. Some people just need someone to believe in them, to give them a second chance.

Through ‘Points for Purpose’ #pointsforpurpose we met Jake. We listened to his story. With a hand on his heart, he deeply expressed his desire to simply ‘work for my own money’.

With encouragement from people like Shani Ewington and her helpers, and consistent support by way of clothing and food from COCOS — Coptic Orthodox Community Outreach Service, and unconditional love from caring strangers like you and I, Jake’s story changed.

Now Jake works four days a week at an Italian restaurant in an outer suburb of Sydney. He is a waiter. He loves his job. He will continue to work for as long as he can. He is more proud and humbled than words can describe.

Help us help them change their story.

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If you’d like to donate points or purchase a bag, go to pointsforpurpose.org

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