Facebook Asks, “What’s On Your Mind?”

It interesting to see how Facebook prompts you to change your status. Smart. They run a business that meets the goals of their customers on both sides of the market.

This morning I opened up Facebook and saw the prompt. “What’s on your mind?”

So much on my mind today. But, the first and foremost thing on my mind was my friends. If you are familiar with the story, The Color of Rain, you know my friends. They live in Michigan so I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. Yesterday, their son Sammy spent many hours in surgery and was diagnosed with brain cancer. He is in high school.

Ironically, Mike and Gina had set up a foundation to help families cope with the loss of a parent after cancer. Each year, they have a golf tournament and they do a lot of speaking appearances to raise money for it.

They have asked for your prayers, and so I am passing it along to you. Pray a little for Sammy today. If you don’t believe in a supreme being, ask nature’s force to be with him. #staystrongsam #teamopto