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I see your point of view and I honor your opinion. My wife and I have raised extremely strong, independent daughters. We let them make their own decisions, and continue to do so. They are tough, scrappy and I am proud of them. I also enjoy being around them a lot. If the trading floor still existed, my youngest daughter would be competing on it, chewing people up and spitting them out.

There is a part of me that will never ever stop being a Dad. If my daughters chose to work for Uber, I’d do all I could to support them. If they didn’t want to work for Uber, that would be okay too-and based on the data coming out of Uber, a decision I’d be more comfortable with.

I am grateful that my daughters and I have a very open line of communication and that we talk about lots of decisions they make. I am grateful that they feel comfortable coming to me and my wife. We offer counsel and then they go do what ever they are going to do. Love is unconditional. That’s what families are for.

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