Jeffrey, gun violence rates are down precisely because high population states like New York and…
Shannon Coulter

Should terrorist acts committed by ideological individuals considered mass shootings? Tough gun laws haven’t deterred any criminals from committing crimes with guns any more than banning knives would stop criminals from using them to threaten and stab people.

There are states with weak gun laws that don’t have mass shootings. It’s not the gun laws that deter anything.

Clearly we are not going to agree. Guns are a symptom of other things going on. Virtually all of the crazed killers that committed mass shootings (theatre in Colorado, Sandy Hook and others) were all mentally deranged individuals. Mentally deranged individuals will always find a way to commit harm if they are fixated on committing harm.

This is why dealing with the situation logically, with rigorous statistical probability theory designed to stop attacks from happening in the first place is better public policy than legislating aggressively against the symptom. There is no quick fix, no law that will stop terrorists from trying to harm people. There is no quick fix, no law that will stop mentally deranged people from harming people.