PTS and Oasis Labs Reached a Strategic Cooperation to Promote Secure Computation Development

On October 5th, the blockchain-based next-generation credit service network Points (PTS) and the smart contract platform Oasis Labs announced strategic cooperation to jointly promote R&D and product developments in the field of secure computation on the San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW).

Oasis Labs focuses on the blockchain’s scalability, identity and privacy, and aims to build scalable privacy protection smart contracts. This is in line with PTS, a secure, fast & scalable blockchain-based data collaboration protocol system. There are many cooperation points in mission & vision, technology, and application scenarios. Both parties will begin with the research on security computing and find more possibilities in underlying technology and product applications development to create a blockchain-based credit service system of security computing.

About PTS

Points (PTS) is a blockchain fintech project co-founded by Sarah Zhang and Kate Shen. PTS aspires to be an enterprise-grade secure and extensible data collaboration protocol that allows secure and fast computation of data from various parties and create next-generation blockchain-based credit scores networks, which enabling users to access lower-cost, high-quality financial and life services through this personalized services. The project is chaired by Stanford University Professor and Chairman of Danhua Capital, Professor Zhang Shousheng, and the team gathered talents from Google, Microsoft, Bytedance(Toutiao), Amazon, Hulu and some other tech companies and leading financial institutions. The PTS network is validated based on zero-knowledge proofs, automated transaction negotiation and execution through smart contracts, and asymmetric decentralized data storage and transactions using asymmetric encryption. The PTS service network will improve the potential of multiple vertical industries including financial services marketing, credit, investment and insurance.

About Oasis Labs

Oasis Labs is co-founded by Dawn Song, a professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. To address the pain, performance, security, and privacy of today’s blockchain, Oasis provides two core values for apps: one is to provide privacy and security on the blockchain; the other is based on the processing power that is higher than that of existing systems to help with efficient processing of complex applications. Therefore, Oasis can implement complex compute-intensive and privacy-sensitive services such as machine learning on the blockchain.

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