Fiber — A Nourishing Source to Body

Fiber and health are two interrelated terms. Higher amount of fiber in food leads to a healthier body. Fiber is that element in the food which does not get digested by body but still plays a very important role in the digestion process. Deficiency of fiber in a diet may cause problems like constipation and sluggishness. There is also a risk of colon cancer and many other serious health issues. So it is very important to have good amount of fiber in a daily diet.

Fiber helps in controlling cholesterol as it is an undigested starch; it traps cholesterol present in the body and takes it out of the body through the digestive system. There is soluble fiber present in oat, barley, oranges that turns into gel during the digestive process and prevents cholesterol. That’s why it is advised to consume oat, barley, oranges during dieting.

High fiber diet is also very helpful in absorbing sugar from the bloodstream. It helps to reduce glucose level in the blood and prevent blood sugar spikes. So it also reduces the risk of diabetes. There is another benefit of having a fiber rich diet which helps in losing weight quickly. It expands in stomach and occupies all the available space for food, in turn helping to eat less throughout the day. Apart from this, a fiber rich diet avoids risk of heart diseases.

There are many food items that are rich in fiber and good in taste as well. Also a cup of long grain brown rice which contains 3.5 gm of dietary fiber is a fabulous Indian fiber diet. It has husk which is full of fiber. Lots of legumes like Chickpeas, split peas and lentils are high source of fiber and a cup of legume contains almost 12.5 gm of fiber in it.

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is also an efficient way of fulfilling the requirement of fiber in the body. Fruit pulp contains fiber and that is the reason eating fruit is much healthier than drinking juice. Plantains, mangoes, oranges and coconuts have high amount of fiber content so try to take them while breakfast. There is some tasty fiber food available online. Nourish organics is an online store which sells healthy and tasty fiber rich food.

There are also some fiber supplements available in market but try to get the nutrients from natural sources as supplements of fiber are not really rich. Fiber is very helpful in nourishing the body so for enjoying a healthy life adopt fiber rich food.