Pokemon Go Hack

Any seasoned Pokémon Go fan will know that Eevee is a special type of Pokémon. Based on certain conditions, an Eevee can transform into any three evolutions: Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Rainer. “Pokémon Go” fans have been playing the game for almost a month now, but clever players have found a way for trainers to pick which Pokémon their Eevee can evolve to.

pokemon go hack

According to Forbes, the easter egg comes from an episode of the Pokémon anime where Ash Ketchum runs into three brothers who have each trained their Eevee based on a specific type. If players opt for their Eevee to evolve to a fire-type Pokémon, they can rename them “Pyro,” and it will evolve into a Flareon. For players who prefer the water-types, they can nickname the Eevee “Rainer” to get a Vaporeon. For the players who choose to have an electric-type evolution, they can name their Eevee “Sparky” to get a Jolteon. As of the moment, the most powerful of the three is the Vaporeon.

Players do not need to fret if they don’t want their Eevees to be stuck with the names that the cheats require. The game apparently has the option for the player to change the name of their Pokémon right after they evolve.

As for other Eevee possibilities, Bustle has also figured out different types that an Eevee can evolve to. Espeon, Eevee’s psychic evolution, can be attained by Evolving an Eevee with a high friendship level during the day. Umbreon, the dark-type version of Eevee, also needs high friendship levels, but it has to be evolved during the night.

Other Eevee evolutions are yet to make their way into “Pokémon Go.” There’s still the fairy-type Sylveon, the grass-type Leafeon, and the ice-type Glaceon. Hopefully, their evolutions will be available after a little update from Niantic.