Prelude to the Second Presidential Debate.

As the world grabs popcorn to dig deeper into their presidential candidates with the second presidential debate, the stakes go higher and higher. The suo motu of the debates is to burn the pot for the final showdown of November 8. The beauty of the debates lies in the unfolding of allegations/questions on the frontier of HD Television screens and Online Streaming. To a politician it is heyday or a mayday, to a journalist it’s a chance to shoot up to the masses, to a moderator it’s a debacle of blatant truths and lies and to a poker player it’s a table of high stakes and the heads up of ideologies. Only this time audience is the dealer and the moderator takes cares of building the stacks of chips in the right place.

The Table of the debate with the last two players of the event Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is perfect metaphor for a high rolling poker game. The first ever noticing factor is the playing style of the individual players. Hillary wears a crown of peaceful arguments and tries to reach the stacks of the masses by keeping her calm. Donald on the other hand is an aggressive player trying to win every game by jeering into the face of his opponent. With the cards being dealt as questions Trump raises every time with the same bet by accusing her of the past 30 years’ inefficiency. Hillary on the other side calls for the flop by confronting him on camera with witty lines like “ Donald you live in your own reality” and the public bursts into laughter. The charm of poker lies in playing every hand with a strategy to climb up the stack of chips.

Coming up to consecutive hands Donald insinuates the strategy of praising the fellow player for the played hand as he prepares for the next hand. The tables turned at the point when the Tax return card escalated his chances of losing a high bet pot. As this question churned the strategy back in Donald’s face. The whole point of running and winning in a poker game lies in changing your perspective in the mindset of the fellow player as per your will. To ace that skill in a short span of time till November 8 is like holding a pair of Jacks when there is an Ace on the table.

The whole time span of the three debates as Flop, Turn and River and the last bet on November 8 will define the end of the game. The Sunday debacle will surely reveal the Turn and will clear the chances further. One of the best tricks of the professional poker players is reading the cards and exposing the threat to the opponent’s perspective. The sudden reveal of Donald’s lewd comments on women is a perfect portrayal of betting against the Royal Flush with a pair in hand. Thus one of cards is already out and serves as an ideal play for a big win for Hillary. The magic will be to see that with a loose hand will it be diarrhea of the mouth for Trump or will it be a magic charm for Hillary. Wait for the Turn.