Auckland Poker Cash Games and Tournaments: Exploring the Best of Poker Ape Cafe, SkyCity, and Local Pubs

2 min readSep 7


Auckland, a city celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes and dynamic culture, has also become a hotspot for poker enthusiasts.

Auckland poker cash games tournaments have seen a significant rise, drawing both local aficionados and international players. Among the venues hosting these games, Poker Ape Cafe, SkyCity, and various local pubs have emerged as top choices, each offering a unique poker experience. If you’re keen on delving into the world of Auckland poker tournaments, this comprehensive guide is tailor-made for you.

The Landscape of Auckland Poker Tournaments

Poker, a game that masterfully blends skill, strategy, and a dash of luck, has found a fervent following in Auckland. The city’s poker tournaments have evolved from informal gatherings to grand events, providing competitive gameplay, lucrative prize pools, and the sheer thrill of the game.

Spotlight on Poker Ape Cafe’s Cash Games Tournaments

Poker Ape Cafe ( , strategically located at Chancery Square opposite Obar, has carved a niche for itself in Auckland’s poker scene. Here’s a detailed look at their tournament offerings:

  • Monday: 6:30pm to 2am, $1/$2 Cash Game
  • Tuesday: 6:30pm to 2am, $1/$2 Cash Game
  • Wednesday: 6:30pm to 2am, $0.5/0.5 and $1/$1 Cash Game
  • Thursday: 6:30pm to 2am, $0.5/0.5 and $1/$1 Cash Game
  • Friday: 6:30pm to 2am, $25 Obar Tournaments and Casual Format
  • Saturday: 6:30pm to 2am, $0.5/0.5 and $1/$1 Cash Game
  • Sunday: 6:30pm to 2am, $0.5/0.5 and $1/$1 Cash Game​1​.

SkyCity: The Grandeur of Poker

SkyCity Auckland Casino is a major player in the city’s poker scene. Hosting several poker tournaments throughout the year, SkyCity offers a professional setup, adhering to international standards, making it a favorite among seasoned players. Their tournaments range from daily cash games to annual championships, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Local Pub Tournaments: The Heart of Community Poker

Beyond commercial establishments, Auckland’s local pubs have become hubs for poker enthusiasts. These tournaments, though smaller in scale than those at Poker Ape or SkyCity, offer a community-driven experience. They’re perfect for those looking to enjoy a game of poker in a relaxed, friendly environment, often with the added bonus of pub grub and drinks.


Auckland poker tournaments offer an experience that goes beyond the game. From the unique charm of Poker Ape Cafe and the grandeur of SkyCity to the cozy ambiance of local pub tournaments, there’s a venue for every poker enthusiast in the city. Whether you’re a novice eager to learn or a seasoned player seeking new challenges, Auckland’s diverse poker scene promises an experience like no other.

For the latest updates on upcoming Auckland poker tournaments and to explore more about the world of poker in the city, keep an eye on local listings and the respective websites of these venues. Your next poker adventure in Auckland awaits!