The highstakes MTT community is boycotting the 5200 psko on sunday.

Giraf Ganger
Feb 16, 2019 · 2 min read

The time to make a stand was probably a long time ago and while similar actions have been previously taken by cashgame and sit n go players. We, the MTT community, believe to have a bit more leverage because we can make or break the guarantees and divert action from one site to a competitor, if need be, more effectively.

We will stand together and make a change for the better.

The nonstop rake increases and unbeatable formats they have been pushing on all of us, with the latest one pushing me over the edge, made me reach out to some of the highstakes regs to try and convince them to skip the 5k psko turbo as a protest.

The positive feedback was overwhelming and it didn’t take long for a group to naturally form.

Pokerstars has a had a huge positive impact on so many of our lives, some professionals would likely have very different lives had it not been for them — myself included. The opportunity they provide to be able to make a living from a computer, playing a game, from almost anywhere in the world is amazing! However, with recent changes, this poker dream is turning more and more into an impossible dream.

We want to get a dialogue going, both with Pokerstars and the other sites, in order to give proper feedback as to what we believe needs to be changed.

Our main issues are;

1. Rake is constantly increasing and rakeback decreasing.

2. Rake is not clearly visible and instead hidden all the way down in the lobby, this feels like a scam.
3. Structures of certain MTT’s are designed to lower ROI’s and raise the effective rake.( Psko’s, Turbos, late reg allowed with 10bb, rebuys)

4.Communication is lacking.

5. Transparent Rakeback, it should be easily calculable, regardless of the form in which it gets delivered (points/chests, etc)

What we want:

  1. A direct and open communication with the company.
  2. Rake clearly visible, not hidden.
  3. Rake max 10%, this applies to lowstakes and the .eu pool so no more $9.8+$1.2; $11 mtts.
  4. Reassessment of the rake, across all stakes and in formats where the edges are naturally lower, such as Psko, Rebuys, Turbo, Hypers and combinations of these.
  5. Reduction on the length of Late Registration and number of re-entries.
  6. Debate on future rake increases.

Looking forward to hearing from you and if that’s not the case: future actions will be considered.

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