Bankroll Management; what is it and why you need to start doing it NOW!

Do you want to be a successful poker player? If your answer is no, you have no business reading this article anyway. For the rest of you intelligent folks, we’re here to share an essential part of being a good poker player (offline or online).

A bankroll in poker is the money you have assigned to or set aside for poker. In the start, like any risky investment, it should be the amount that if you lost, wouldn’t really hurt you much. But over time, you build this bankroll up. Your bankroll also determines the kind of stakes you should be playing.

Bankroll management is the practice of updating the numbers like a personal ledger. To make sure you have good knowledge of your net position, your bankroll must be up to date and you must look at it often to make sure you are making your buy-in and stakes decision based on that.

Sample BRM Snapshot

Over the next few weeks, our team at Poker Classified will be sharing more tips on how to use the BRM (bankroll management) tool efficiently so that you become the best poker player you can be.

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