The richest poker players in the world

Professional poker players know all the skills and strategies of their game and can easily earn large amounts of money. And with the increasing popularity of the game, there are now several ways through which this can be done, like going all-in online or winning the World Series of Poker.

Players playing online poker include bankers, wealthy professionals, and actors as well. Their net worth may be much more than the professionals mentioned below, but we’ve prepared our list keeping in mind players who have earned their wealth only by winning in poker.

Sam Farha
Net Worth: $100 Million

Sam Farha has won more than $2.5 million at poker tournaments yet smartly used his personality and behaviour into much more than that. He is sometimes known as Mister Cool and has shown that poker lets you become a cool millionaire, even after you lose to an online pro (remember the 2003 World Series of Poker where he lost to Chris Moneymaker?).

Farha is the spokesperson for Harrah’s Las Vegas casino. He has appeared in the movie Lucky You as himself and has also been on four seasons of High Stakes Poker on the Game Show Network.

He has written a strategy guide for Omaha Poker and is currently working on another book.

Phil Ivey
Net Worth: $100 Million

Ivey is an icon in the world of professional poker, both in-person and online. He is a 10-time winner of the World Series of Poker and has established a notable name by surpassing his $19,500,000 win in live tournaments.

He used his achievements to associate with Tiltware, the ex-parent company of Full Tilt Poker and the partnership has been truly valuable.

Chris Ferguson
Net Worth: $80 Million

Ferguson was the winner of the World Series of Poker Main Event Championship in 2000. He has earned more than $6.5 million in poker tournaments. While his net worth is higher, his controversial involvement and silence in the Black Friday indictments in 2001 left a mark on his popularity. (P.S: The Black Friday lawsuit changed the online poker world forever.)

Doyle Brunson
Net Worth: $75 Million

If there’s a legend in the world of poker, it is Brunson. He was formally included in the Poker Hall of Fame in 1988. His winnings from poker tournaments may not be as large as the others on this list, but that is mostly because prize pools were much lesser in the times when he won World Series of Poker championships.

After playing for 50 years, Brunson retired in 2018 as a professional card shark. At his final World Series of Poker table, he was given a standing ovation.

Daniel Negreanu
Net Worth: $50 Million

Negreanu was nicknamed Kid Poker because of his impressive poker skills right from a young age. He has won more than $41 million in poker tournaments. He has won several World Series of Poker events and has also been recognized as the player of the year by many publications and organizations.

He runs a Master Class online making it easy for beginners to learn poker. He was also seen in the blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Erik Seidel
Net Worth: $41.9 Million

A former Wall Street Trader, Seidel has won more than $35.5 million in poker tournaments. He lost his first major tournament to Johnny Chan at the World Series of Poker Main Event and this game has been recorded in the movie Rounders. Yet, even after the loss, Seidel has been able to claim his fame as a professional card shark.

Antonio Esfandiari
Net Worth: $35 Million

Esfandiari was a professional magician and has often shown his impressive chip tricks on the poker table. He has won more than $27 million in poker tournaments and is a powerhouse in the professional poker network.

He has written the book ‘The Magician’s Secrets for Winning Tournaments’, bagged two World Poker Tour Championships, three World Series of Poker bracelets, and appeared on many poker TV shows.

Joe Hachem
Net Worth: $16 Million

Hachem is the first Australian to have won the title at the World Series of Poker in 2005. He has more than $12 million poker tournament winnings. He was a former chiropractor.

Hachem became the face of Poker Stars, making a massive amount through sponsorship associations. He continues to play poker enjoying world tournaments.

Jennifer Harman
Net Worth: $15 Million

Yes, there’s finally a woman on this list. Harman is a regular in Las Vegas. She has over $2 million poker tournament winnings. She prefers private games as she sees them as bigger opportunities. She appeared in the TLC reality TV series Sin City Rules.

Jennifer Harman earned recognition in the Poker Hall of Fame in 2015.

Phil Hellmuth
Net Worth: $20 Million

Hellmuth won the World Series of Poker main event in 1989. He was the youngest player to ever win and held this record for 20 years thereafter. He has earned several awards and bagged many World Series of Poker championships.

His brand, establishing him as The Poker Brat, has garnered huge social media following making it easier for him crack sponsorship deals and sell a range of books.

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