Hard Work, Determination, and Positivity with Ivan Stokes

The Mindset Advantage is a weekly poker podcast hosted by mindset coaches Elliot Roe and Adrienne “Talonchick” Rowsome. Each episode they are joined by a top poker player to discuss how to become a better player by improving your mindset.

Ivan Stokes, also known as “ILS007,” is an English professional poker player who has been competing since the age of 18 and has been a two-time Supernova Elite player as well as a successful coach. Coming from a “study-minded” standpoint due to his experience with chess, this mindset has benefited Stokes’s poker career from the start.

In this episode, he speaks about how keeping a positive, productive mindset helped him become a better poker player, and offers tips on how you can improve your poker game.

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Key Takeways

  • Ivan’s beginning experience with poker
  • Ivan’s connection between poker and chess
  • When poker became more competitive and how becoming skilled at poker is up to hard work
  • How Ivan dealt with the stress of competing in Supernova Elite
  • Poker pros vs. gamblers — the similarities and differences
  • Mindset’s effect on Ivan’s success over the years
  • How Ivan mentally prepares to play at the table
  • Why a negative mindset leads to a lack of productivity
  • The struggle of moving up in stakes and how it can impact decision making
  • How Ivan takes on goal setting after Supernova Elite
  • How collaboration helps with motivation
  • Ivan’s advice for getting into poker in 2018

Tweetable Quotes

When I’m playing at my A game, my highest level, everything matters, small things matter.

Pretty much all poker pros, at the heart of their personality, are gamblers in a way.

To have this mentality that, “We need to make money today,” is not really beneficial because we can’t choose whether or not we make money today.

It is possible to become a really great poker player and make good money but it’s very difficult and you need to have that level of honesty and think, “I really want this.”

Your long-term success is going to be a function of consistent healthy patterns that you implement on a day-to-day basis.

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Teaching poker players to use their mindset to gain an edge on the competition. Home of The Mindset Advantage Podcast.

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Teaching poker players to use their mindset to gain an edge on the competition. Home of The Mindset Advantage Podcast.

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