PokerSports Token Sale ($XPST)

PokerSports, a company looking to revolutionize the way fantasy sports are played through the integration of blockchain, iGaming and eSports, announced today the launch of their Initial Coin Offering for the PokerSports Token (XPST).

PokerSports’ main focus is to revolutionize the fantasy sports industry through the creation of dozens of card-based games; one of which, FantasyStud (a fantasy sports game based on seven-card stud poker), was released in July of 2017 in anticipation of Week 1 of the NFL season. In the end, PokerSports wants to be considered the casino of fantasy sports.

The creation of the PokerSports Token, one of the first gaming tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain, will not only help expedite the process of bringing the company’s vision to life, but it will also help address many of the issues and drawbacks that the industry is currently facing, with its nearly 60 million users.

“The PokerSports Token allows for us to not only take the next step in turning the fantasy sports industry on its head, but it allows for us to create a personal connection with all of our users,” CEO Kyler Tolefree said. “For them, it’s going to be more than just an investment in the growth of the company.”

After purchasing PokerSports Tokens, users will have access to a decentralized digital currency that they can use to play all of PokerSports’ games and access exclusive information only available through PokerSports. By using this unique token rather than U.S dollars, users from around the world will have access to PokerSports’ revolutionary platform and be able to take part in competitive fantasy sports gaming under a trustless system.

That system removes any chance of a user having holds on funds or being hit with unexpected fees. It also allows PokerSports users to have full control over their digital assets and gives them the freedom to transfer PokerSports Tokens to wallets outside of the platform. On top of that, if a user is no longer interested in playing PokerSports games, he or she will have the ability to trade them for other cryptocurrencies.

In the end, the token sale will help PokerSports take its first steps in revolutionizing the way we play fantasy sports. The funds raised will primarily be used to market FantasyStud, create The Competitive Fantasy Sports (CFS) eSports League and fund the development of upcoming games. PokerSports plans on having four different card-based games released across seven professional sports by the end of 2019.

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