An Open Letter to the Man Who Criticized Me on a First Date
Carrie Allie

Considering how this piece is several months old and is highlighted by Medium in my email, I will say this. I expect this guy was trying to show that he was a “badboy”, but in millennial terms. I knew a fellow in the 80’s who wore sleeve tats before they were a thing, rode Harleys or a big pickup truck, and studiously acted indifferent at best or rude and nasty at worst, around women. Of course, seemingly every woman he met absolutely adored him for his masculine edginess, and the woman I was seeing even stepped out with him unbeknownst to me. When I found out though, she related how the reality of being alone with him was terrifying, and although our relationship didn’t last, she learned a lesson about men who go out of their way to present a crude, uncaring persona.

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