Marc, the neighborhood watch captain

Histrionics. A “dozen” police cars? Cops all over the place? First, it wouldn’t have been a robbery, but a burglary. Second, in a city like Oakland, they certainly don’t have the resources to send half the police department to what amounted to a suspicious persons call. Third, the writer assumes, likely from too much TV, that a swarm of cops descended on the neighbor’s driveway with drawn weapons looking for these dangerous perps. I suspect it was more likely a cranky old neighbor who got incensed at a white kid and a couple of black kids who were noisy and appeared to be having too much fun for his biases to handle. So he decides to rain on their parade and calls the police. They respond with one, maybe a second patrol as backup. They would have approached the house with the driveway cautiously, but observant for signs of forced entry. If they didn’t see any, they would have walked to the front door, taken cover positions, and knocked. If there were no weapons observed, no gun shots reported, no strange men carrying property from the home, the police don’t bring an army. This woman does herself and her kid a disservice by the creation of this fantasy that the guy started WWIII in the neighborhood. I call BS.

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