It’s better to walk alone than to walk with a fool!
Raam Arvind

Well Raam, acknowledging that there are cultural differences between us, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Love is as intangible as the wind and sunlight. We know they are there, yet we can’t see them. We can feel them, we can see the leaves blow, and the brightness of the light on the leaves. Love is as individual as each living person, and it means something different to everyone. I personally haven’t been fortunate enough to find a love who loved me back like that. Yes, it’s often conditional, but oftentimes one of the lovers will destroy the unconditional love with constant abuse and use of it. I am old and wise enough now that I don’t believe my love could be unconditional, and I can’t expect a future lover’s affection to be either, but I still believe that it can be, and for those fortunate enough to find the great love whom they can care for without condition, it’s because the object of that love recognizes how special it is and doesn’t take advantage of it or abuse it…

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