To the 4 white male policemen who beat me for checking the health of a sick black man in their…
Ali Afshar

This sounds incredibly fictitious, you didn’t even state that you were an MD? Hope would you respond if you had an individual, who you had no idea if they were mentally ill or not, in your custody for causing some sort of disturbance. Then another random individual parks illegally in front of you, gets out of his car, and demands to know of your handcuffed suspect, already charged with some sort of crime mind you, is ok? Then when you ask him to leave and move his illegally parked car, all without citing him for obstruction of an on going investigation or for illegally parking, he comes right back demanding the same thing?! Never once has this man stated that he’s an MD, all he’s done is now commit 4 crimes in the matter of 5 minutes, obstruction twice, illegally parking, and now harassment of officers in the line of duty. You wonder, is he in kahoots with your suspect? Are they part of the same gang and he’s trying to free his comrade? And you won’t even file a counter claim against these said abusive officers. Why would you make something like this up?! Stop race-baiting, your what’s wrong with America.