EOS Asia’s History API Announcement

Nov 29, 2018 · 2 min read

EOS Asia’s public API endpoint api1.eosasia.one will no longer serve History API starting from Nov 29, 12:00 pm UTC due to cost concerns. Other APIs will not be impacted.

If you are not using History API, you can continue to use api1.eosasia.one. If you need History API, please switch to our other endpoint geo.eosasia.one (in collaboration with BlockMatrix) or eos.greymass.com (from TeamGreymass).

We are researching into alternative cost effective ways to provide history API including sponsoring a community project — Chronicle Project and building our own RDMS-based solution, but for now, we won’t be able to provide it given the high maintenance cost and our limited BP reward.

About three weeks ago, when we realized we won’t be able to provide the nodeos History API given the maintenance cost, we have taken the time to identify heavy users of this API and spoke to them to onboard them to alternative solutions.

EOS Asia’s API is one of the most used APIs in the Asia Pacific region, so we want to make sure this deprecation will be done smoothly.

We also want to take the opportunity to thank TeamGreymass for their effort in providing a high quality History API for the network. When 4 of our History API crashed due to its exccessive use of RAM (more than 1TB and growing fast!), we proxied the traffic to TeamGreymass API to make sure DApps that are using our API can remain functional. They have done some serious magic to keep the nodeos beast running smoothly. Kudos to them!


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