Hi Polaris Banshee, thanks for reading and for your thoughtful reply, I appreciate it :)
Adam El-Naggar

Adam, yes. The future sometimes seem to be rushing at us, and other times you find that while you were watching the approaching tidal wave of change, the tide had come in and surrounded you. Like I said, you can look around and realize it has been decades since you spent a quite time in an old library with the smell of old books and perhaps a quiet so deep you can hear the old clock keeping its silent sentinel duty on the march of time.

Technology is definitely a double edged sword. No question it has increased the quality of life for many, spread literacy and entertainment, and often eased the drudgery or some everyday tasks. However, I sincerely believe that one of the things we have lost is our ability to spot/sense dangers from some. In the days before blue tooth cell phones and Ipods, if you saw a person talking by themselves or perhaps ‘dancing’, you probably could keep your distance and focus increased scrutiny to ascertain if there was true danger. Now, you have to be right on top of a person to be able to figure out that the person DOES NOT have a blue tooth cell phone (so they ARE talking to themselves) or IPOD (and they are interacting with a hallucination).

Thank you again for reminding us of what we might lose.

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