This was such a great response.. Thank you so much.
A Ennis

FWIW, I do not think you are racist. You have biases, but that is not a pejorative statement focused solely at you. It is a universal truth to any human being raised in any society and having the capacity to learn from experiences. All humans have biases. To say you, or anyone is without biases, is a denial of truth. A mature human, acknowledges that they have biases, and guards against those biases inhibiting their potential, blinding them to potential friends, and causing disrespect to others.

It is funny timing to read your writings. I had a conversation with a diversity officer the other day that kind of mirrored this. I said that as an ethnic minority I have often had conversations with people who said things that COULD be construed as racist, but not everything that might SOUND racist IS racist. Nor is everything that does SOUND politically correct NOT racist. I would find it very hard to believe if a person in any of the classes of people that have historically suffered discrimination said that they have not had experiences where a person said something that COULD be construed as discriminatory, but lacked any type of prejudicial intent behind it.

People say things everyday that is not meant as discriminatory. However, if a person is LOOKING for EVERYTHING to be racist, they will find it. Sadly, there are some that do that. Nor is that type of person limited to racist, they can be found in gender discrimination, sexual preference discrimination, you name it. It is a lot easier to believe that people discriminate or don’t like you based on your ..insert whatever, when the truth may, unfortunately for you, be that it is not your identity as Racial type, Gender, LGBTQ — it is because you are just a disagreeable person…or to use the blunt term, an asshole.

I agree with you that Trump is probably not a racist. He says things that could be construed as racist, but if you look at the totality of his statements, he pretty much insults everyone and everything in a very rough manner. That does not make him racist or sexist, it makes him an asshole. However, consider the emotive content to the terms Racist/Sexist vs Asshole. All are disagreeable, but asshole is less emotionally charged.

To be totally candid, I think HRC is a prejudicial racist of the worst kind. She hides it and subtly discriminates (and even worse exploits anger). She decries any Trump surrogates who are racist or sexist, but really, Ambassador Albright can get away with saying “any woman who does not vote for HRC has a special place in hell for them”??? I just loved the gem: we have a race problem..I am going to ask my white friends about blacks….my mouth just dropped open when I saw and heard her say that…

Sadly, the blunt truth is that in American politics, the two parties employ every manipulative trick on the American electorate to foster false distinctions between the existing parties (Political scientists always point out that the two American political parties are more alike then different — especially compared to the parties of Europe.) Both parties would have us believe that the opposing candidate is the devil incarnate. Good luck at pointing out to the party loyalist that their own party is employing PSYOP (mind control tactics using media) on them…surely not!

As usual, I enjoy your thought provoking articles and writing. You always engender wonderful discussions.

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