What Can We Learn About Peace from 50 Years of Star Trek?
Penny S. Tee

I always love to read a fellow Trekkie’s love, but (in true nerd fashion and uber Trekkie mode) I feel I have to correct the record. You credited some trail blazing to subsequent series, BUT in the original series, you already had FLAG OFFICERS (Admirals/Commodores) who were of African and Hispanic decent. You had strong females who were their equivalents: Directors of major Science/Research projects. AND don’t forget, there was a FEMALE leader of Vulcan who was not only the world leader, but someone so strong she even got the FEDERATION to do what she wanted…(who needed a mere female starship captain??? Females already ran a world, but if you needed on, don’t forget the Romulan Female Captain!) LLAP IDIC!

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