Let me clarify, then: Elizabeth Warren has been unable to locate evidence of her Cherokee ancestry…
Meagan Day

Meagan, I thought I would pop up and just say, if your objective in this article was to explain and educate people that there is a regional myth that is wide spread and many midwestern families may have lore that is commonly unquestioned. Consequently there is no malice or nefarious intent, just a wide spread family lore they may not even question. If that was your objective, then in my case, you succeeded. I have been educated and as I said before, I am more inclined to not think that a person saying they were native american without proof is not actively spreading a falsehood as they understand it. Looks like you have a wide spectrum of responses, and not all of them civil or nice…so anyway, I just thought I would say I at least appreciated the new information that changed my mindset.

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