one more kiss…

from facebook page: Just Like This

It was just after dinner, walking across an empty lot, perhaps in another time it was a parking lot, but now….now it just a lot between buildings and roads half paved and half sun baked dirt. The sun was setting on another day in Afghanistan, another day closer to the end of a deployment.

I saw a dog handler and his dog, resting in the shade of a building. I felt the pang of missing my dogs. I felt pulled toward them. As I got closer, I asked — bomb or guard dog? The handler looked at me with a small smile, “bomb”. “May I pet your dog?” He smiled a little more: “She would love that. Miss your dogs?” “Is it that obvious? Thank you….” I started petting his dog, and she seemed to love it… “I could tell as soon as you saw us and began walking over…”

I felt her kisses as the dog handler began to talk. “I didn’t used to let people pet her when we are out. But the other day, I was walking her and a young airman ran up out of nowhere, fell to her knees and hugged her. She was crying while she petted my dog. Her friends ran up behind her — but I could tell she wasn’t hurting my dog and my dog was comforting her. It was her first deployment and she missed her dog so much she was heartbroken…but hugging and petting my dog really helped her….after a bit she stopped crying and composed herself and embarrassed apologized. Now I realize I can offer some comfort to those who are missing their buddies…”

A few more kisses from his dog, and I asked “do you see a lot of people missing their pets?” He smiled a bit more — “look over there….” I could see a crowd approaching…I straightened up, exchanged one last salute and thanked them again…after one more kiss…

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