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Sir, while I agree with the statement that everyone has bias, I have deep reservations with the methodology of this study, which hints at researcher bias. I noted that the cognitive ability is measured by word literacy. This immediately skews the results towards those with larger vocabularies. Larger vocabularies usually are the result of more extensive formal education. This does not necessarily indicate a higher intelligence, but it does indicate a higher predisposition toward higher EDUCATION or educational pursuits.

I will not make an assumption as to your social network, but I will attest to mine. I know many people I would deem as highly intelligent but do not possess high levels of formal education. Some of that is by choice, some of that is by the monetary environment, but it does not change the fact that educational degrees is not necessarily an indicator of high intelligence. Nor do degrees necessarily lend themselves to bolstering vocabularies. Many scientific disciplines have highly eclectic terms of arts that have no transferable meaning to the vast majority of the population. Yet, because those people would have high mathematical skill, something I believe we can say is highly cognitive, but could have lower general vocabulary skills, they would, by the criteria of the test employed, most likely score as low cognitive persons.

The conclusion that “smart people” have different types of prejudices is ego reinforcing toward those who want to see that Trump supporters are bigots and prejudiced. While “we can use our superior minds” to come up with ‘better rationalized reasons” for other group discriminations, it conveniently ignores that prejudice is prejudice and often goes hand in hand with bigotry. Just the use of “superior minds or higher intelligence” makes it all to easy to infer that it is wasted effort to think or understand the positions of those less cognitively endowed, or have pursued a life style that is not personally preferred, which is, by definition, bigotry as well.

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