2 Trillion Reasons Why You Should Build an Electric Airplane
Jeffrey Engler

What a courageous idea. There are other markets that you can look into as well. Puddle jumpers are a good entry into commercial aviation, since cutting fuel costs is always attractive to commercial aviation. Advances in power efficient engines and batteries have moved this idea to a point where it is worth exploring. I noted you were focused on fixed wing, but short range rotary might also be a good idea. Especially for short business commutes in metropolitan areas.

There are government entities that could be approached as well. Even converted C-172/182s could be very attractive to forestry — for aerial reconnaissance for fires/search and rescue/environmental health. These aircraft frames are also easier to increase safety factors on since there are already off the self “air craft parachute” safety devices that could be installed to mitigate fears of battery cut offs.

Are you also looking into hybrid tech? like an airborne prius?

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