I want a cow too.

What a wonderful tidbit of information to find that you grew up on a farm. I know that I am totally biased, but I believe that those with country roots are better focused on the real priorities of a life well spent. You always seem to write with a romantic soul.

I enjoy the wide diversity of interesting things that are present in a metropolitan community, but there always comes a time when I tire of the non stop artificial pace and the seething throngs of humanity that scurry to and fro in anonymity.

The artificial priorities of urbanization take their toll on all of us. I know, intellectually, that a late document will not cause the world to stop, yet in the frenzied pace of city life, you would not be able to tell from the actions of city dwellers. I asked my friend when the was the last time she saw the stars in the night sky and she did not remember. Sadly, neither did I. I wonder how much of our souls have withered away?