Cosmomo is a Singapore homegrown brand founded by young entrepreneur Ryan Lim. As an e-commerce business, Cosmomo offers curated beauty and cosmetic products via their online store.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting Polaris’ Web Presence Protection platform, Cosmomo did not use any web security solution. Upon understanding the significance of securing its online store from would-be attackers and safeguarding customer data, Cosmomo onboarded Polaris as their web security solution provider.

“Occasionally we suspected that bots were accessing our website. However, it was inconclusive on the intention of these bot activities without some form of visibility into this potential threat. …

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that provides secure connection for users when browsing a website.

Often see websites starting with https or http? Https will appear on the website URL when the website is secured with SSL certificates.

Importance of SSL Certificates

With a SSL certificate installed on your website, all transmitted information will be safeguarded via end-to-end encryption. …

Have you ever thought of which web application firewall (WAF) is the best-suited for your company’s needs and wants? With the different types of WAF available in the market, why do we highly recommend you to choose a cloud-based WAF?

We have shortlisted the 4 main reasons on why cloud-based WAFs are a great option to adopt:

1. Scalable with your business growth

2. Ease of deployment

3. Protection against a variety of attacks

4. Low cost and maintenance

Scalable with Your Business Growth

Cloud-based WAFs scale along with your business growth. Such high flexibility allows you to easily upgrade your WAF without any fuss. …



Protecting your web assets with our adaptive security solutions. #NeverBeCaughtOffGuard

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