The Diary of an Author — Chapter 2

Dear diary

I have today done something I have feared for a long time. I have overcome a writer’s block and completed chapter 15 of my part one science fiction novel.

I am now one chapter away from completing my first draft and the ending is something I have dreamt about since starting this huge journey.

I have now written in excess of 55,000 words, I have done 4,200 today!

Once this is completed I anticipate it will be 100k words plus.

The thing that makes writing a book so hard is its sheer size and depth. You can go along a writing path, but then later new items become added because they make for a better story and joining of subplots. But this is itself creates what I have experienced. An anxiety of spaghetti junction plotting. You know the overall story is there but there are all these other bits that are all areas then need to be built it.

It is like having a box for wires.

You start off with a few wires in the box, then more get added, and over time more and more. Though the same wires you originally put in the box are still there, when you next go back to the same box it is a tangle.

The block is your headspace is trying to get out the wire you want but know that everything in there still needs untangling.

That is the best way I can describe my anxiety with my novel!

But today I found the wire I wanted, and I am one step closer to finishing my work.

Honestly, I cannot wait for the untangling stage once its all done, that bit sounds so much easier than trying to work whilst there are so many wires still tangled. Once the overall structure is done it’s a case of just reworking what is already there.

So exciting times indeed.

I have decided not to complete the final chapter today.

The reason being, this is very much a process and there is a large emotional impact in set areas of the novel. I need to very much be in the headspace of the characters which today I am not, having just completed a different level of emotion in the chapter I have just today written.

I feel as though a very heavy weight has today been lifted from me, so I cannot wait to finish this last chapter, maybe one evening this week.

I really hope that I am able to tell this story the way I see it in my head cinema.

Once this is all done and ready I will be looking for proof-readers who I will happily credit in the credit of the book. If you are interested in reading my work that is outside of my work, then please get in touch or follow me.

I will be looking into options for publishing later too, whether that be via a publishing house or self-publishing. There are pros for both as there are cons too.

Thank you for taking the time to read my work and I hope one day you will be holding my work in your hands and enjoying it in a similar way to how I see it.

hope you enjoyed reading this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Written by Polarity Prism x x x