3D Printing the Most Powerful Technology since the Internet

3D Printing also referred to as additive manufacturing has drawn significant interest in all areas of our societies. This is because of its far reaching implications to change the way we do things in a more efficient and economical way. The process involves making a three-dimensional solid object of any shape from a digital model. Unlike creating objects from a mold where you first have to create the shape within the mold or carving a shape from a solid object, 3D printing uses an additive process, where successive layers of material compounded on top of each other to form shapes.

3D printing is the process of creating three dimensional objects that are solid from a digital file with a Polaroid 3d pen. Layers of materials are created till the required size and dimensions are achieved. There are special 3D printers that are used for the process. It is a process that has become very popular because people can be as creative as they wish to be and create solid objects they are interested in for a variety of purposes and uses.

As long as you can create a digital model using one of the software available and supported by these printers, you should be able to print it. Take a minute, think about how powerful and significant that is. Can you imagine how it will be used in engineering, geographic information systems, dental and medical industries, automotive, education, construction, architecture, footwear, jewelry and many more areas? 3D printing is truly a disruptive and revolutionary technology. It will bring an end to the traditional factories as we know them.

The interesting thing is that the process can use just about any material from plastic to steel and anything in between like wood and rubber. The race is on for manufactures, developers or even investors to get their foot in the door and make a true impact. Google and other major companies like Nokia have already started to create applications. Investors on Wall Street have already started to throw millions of dollars into this industry. When I think about this technology the first thing that comes to my mind is the sewing machine which is not found in too many households today but are still being used industrially to make our clothes. Now just imagine that machine now being able to produce just about anything you can imagine. All you would need is access to a 3D Printer, the material and the design. This will create lots of opportunities for the designer, the manufacture of the printer and the product. For the skeptics, just think back when 2D printers first came out, many said that they would never make it 
to the office much less the our homes. It could be a specific car part, an accessory you wear to work or even something for your home. It helps you obtain a Polaroid draw easily.

See the only difference between holding a physical object and thinking about it will be the design of the object and printing it. Yes, it’s called the 3Doodler and you can actually create the object in thin air by drawing it. Melted plastic would come out instead of ink and as it comes out of the pen it cools rapidly to form whatever object you are drawing.

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