Providence Pre-ICO

Hello meet again with my blog, now I will introduce a promising project that is providence.

What is providence?

Providence is the first platform in the world to specialize in online casinos and gambling, which will work entirely and work exclusively with crypto currency.
This will be implemented using the famous Blockchain technology base.
Providence can not play and win gambling with the help of paper money.
The main concept is to give an opportunity to spend your secret money in a physical casino. That means you just logged in, swapped crypto currency for chips and could enjoy your favorite gambling and casino.

As you already know, online cryptocurrency casinos have taken off, but nowadays there is hardly any place you can use to physically spend crypto on your gambling. Online casinos can be fun, but nothing compares to the real casino atmosphere when you and your friends entertain each other while playing your favorite casino game.


Through Blockchain technology and Providence Exchange integration, clients will be able to walk to Providence’s physical casino and exchange crypto chip that lets them play their favorite adrenaline casino game. In essence, Providence will let players turn their crypto into a fun and rewarding asset in the physical world, addressing key issues with real-world solutions. Blockchain technology reduces the resort’s Gaming and Retail sector for conversion costs. For compounded convenience, stock supply generates revenues to the current exchange rate.

Providence will also be implemented using blocking technology. And we all know that the block system is completely transparent and contains all transactions. So in Providence on the block, all the platform and player deals will be displayed, so no one can doubt the honesty of this casino. And do not forget that Providence is developed by a team of true professionals. People know exactly what they want and have a lot of experience behind them in the areas needed for successful implementation.

Especially for development financing, the PRE-ICO is launched, and the ICO phase will be open soon. Pre-ICO was launched on October 4 and will run until 18 October or until the maximum destination is collected at 14,000 ET. The maximum goal of ICO is 114,000 ETH. There is now a discount system and for 1 ETN you will receive 810 PVE. Token will be required to buy and sell on the platform, as well as for various interactions in the casino itself. To participate in the financing, please visit

Have you ever thought about how good it is to create a whole complex to serve a particular area, So Providence is just a whole complex to serve the gambler. This is a casino project that will only accept your crypto currency. Providence will not be able to take your fiat money, so the institution’s policy. The Providence system will include offline casinos, customer service and hotel complexes, as well as exchange offices for convenient money exchange. But what does an offline crypto casino mean? This means in a casino hall like that you can come anytime and play alone at the dinner table. At the same time, all chips will only be purchased for crypto currency. This is a very advanced and unusual solution, no competitors, so Providence is only destined to achieve a full and unconditional victory.

Offline casinos to date, it takes almost 88% of all gamblers, and slightly more than 12% falls in online casinos. Apparently only 12% of people use online casino services, but this number keeps growing every year, maybe even day by day. Maybe this is because of the lack of such sites, probably all used for off-line projects, but Providence will change them in the root. There is also a great chance that online platforms are not gaining popularity like offline, this is the lack of security and assurance. But with Providence everything will be much simpler, because Blockbunch-based technology platform, will provide all users transparency, security and assurance for all their actions within the platform.

As we can see, the idea of the Providence project is truly unique. The demand for a casino, which receives crypto currency, grows annually. And the presence of such casinos also has its own physical space which makes such a place worthy of sale with gold. A large number of gamblers would gladly visit such a place. So in my opinion, Providence is a promising project that should be honored among all the block projects. For you, dear reader, I will leave all the links so that you can be personally acquainted with the Providence project.


ICO Providence. This is the first and only cryptography associated with casinos and resorts. The token sales information is provided below.
Token Name: Providence (PVE)
Token type: ERC20 token used for transactions and consumption
Token price (primary sale) 1 PVE = 1/600 ETH (1 ET bought 600 tokens)
Pre-sale price with bonus 35% 1 PVE = 1/810 ETH (1 ETH bought 810 tokens)
Total inventory: 200,000,000.00
Signs for token sales (51%): 102.000.000,00 Eye PVE
money received from Token sales: ETH
Minimum deposit amount for Token sales: 0.05 ETH
Minimum sales contribution before Token: 10 ET
More information about
token Bonus Sales Pre-Token: 35%
Pre-Token Sale Participant special: Exclusive debit card Providence.
Affordable Members: Anybody except Singapore and the United States, due to legal restrictions
. Percent (%) of tokens allocated for sale Sell Token, and will be distributed in two ways:%
Community owners: 36%
Asset Management Vlora: 15% (overlay 6 months)
Number of percent (%) of tokens allocated to bankroll Casino: 31%
percent (%) tokens allocated for marketing and promotion: 4%
Number of percent (%) counters allocated in Bounty: 4%
Number of percent (%) tokens allocated to Founders, Strategic Partners and Employees: 10% (6-month overlay)
SALE SALES: September 28 — October 12, 2017
MAIN SALE TOKEN: November (exact date of TBA)
100% Cashless and physical Crypto Casino & Resort (hotel, restaurant and retail store


More information let’s go to the link below may I explain less detail.

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