Our Varied Destinies are Valid


Quite Inspiring, right?

We all have valid destinies, but these destinies vary in terms of time and magnitude from one person to another.

Some perform outstandingly throughout their academic journey, and end up getting jobs right after graduating. Others follow the same route, but end up trecking in search for a job forever. Another category of people go through a long journey before graduating and getting a job.

However, all these people go through problems in different times, which impact them based on their specific life patterns. There are those who do exemplary well in academics, but suffer natural troubles like alcoholism and recurrent infections. Others lead successful lives at work, after schooling, but have limited time to enjoy their success. The rest struggle with failure to meet certain goals in time, but once they accomplish the mission, they enjoy life till their last day on Earth.

That is life, and it's unique treatment to everyone. There is no need to compare your success with that of your friend or relative. We all live at different times, and our goals are varied.

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