The problem isn’t the strategies and the number sense, or that it’s being taught.
Robert Lee Louviere

Common Core IS the Problem

Some have drunk the Kool Aid on the Common Core takeover of education, and they proselytize without addressing the multitude of valid complaints.

Brett made the claim, “The traditional carrying algorithm is still a viable and useful technique and is still being taught.”

Except where it isn’t. Students are penalized for using it. Students can even be penalized for getting the correct answer when their peers agree on a wrong one! The unholy mess that is Common Core is a scandal of epic proportions.

For starters, the federal government is not allowed to force a curriculum into the classrooms, and the entire enterprise is Unconstitutional and illegal, a wet dream of Bill Gates and Pearson testing. Some of the other defenders claim that it isn’t federal, but yesterday Obama weighed in on how he’s going to allegedly act to alter some of the rules (maybe sorta). If he has the power to do so, then it is clearly federal, no? One wonders if logic has any place inthe Common Core?

This video, all 2 hours and 14 minutes of it, destroys the myths around this corporate/state takeover of public education:

Note in particular the mathematical debacle at 1 hour and 32 minutes in. Eight minutes of playing with squares and dots, to achieve nothing but confusion, in order to solve a 30 second straightforward problem.

Start with the glaring outrageousness of this forced curriculum, Brett, and then we can move onto more of the details.