Millennials - New Scapegoat for Greedy Baby Boomers

It seems as if I can’t go one day without reading anti Millennial propaganda through various forms of media. What does everyone have against a generation who were born into a society which is destined to fail at some point in the near future.

There is a HUGE difference between the USA your parents grew up in, compared to the America of today. In the 1960’s, one parent working forty hours a week would have earned enough money to mortgage a loan on a home, buy a car and put good healthy food on the dinner table. Today two working parents, who work one or more jobs still can’t make enough money to mortgage a loan on a property or lease a family car. Sadly groceries and other monthly expenses are often paid for on a credit card. If the minimum wage from 1970 was adjusted for inflation, it would be $23 an hour today. Perhaps there would be a lot less welfare for the ‘poor’ if people who work forty hours a week did not live in poverty.

This isn’t about being lazy or being entitled. Millennials have been gifted a pretty raw deal. The vast majority of people under the age of thirty-five have to work their asses off just to pay the bills. Many Millennials who have a college degree still have to work more than one job, so they can pay their landlord every month. I know so many people my age who haven’t taken a vacation in years. To me it seems like Millennials are rather hard working members of society. Unfortunately, something like home ownership is a fantasy for many people under the age of thirty-five. I ask you, is home ownership not the very definition of the “American Dream”.

Here is the truth for those who care to listen, we live in a country controlled by corporations and billionaires. These same forces control majority of our "representatives" in Congress. Which means they get laws passed to benefit themselves. The twenty-five wealthiest American billionaires saw their fortune double between the year 2015 and 2016 alone. Before you think I’m attacking entrepreneurs who created a successful business, I encourage you to continue reading along. Let me help to put something into perspective for a minute. When we talk about millions and we talk about billions we are talking about two entirely different things.

Here is a simple analogy, one million seconds ago, is six days ago. One billion seconds ago, is thirty-two years ago. Let that sink in for a minute. Now imagine being a multi-billionaire and your wealth doubling over the course of a two year period. Ask yourself if your wealth has doubled in the last two years.

If the system was fair, the taxes that these billionaires and giant corporations paid would generate enough tax funding for everyone in the United States to live a rather decent life, at the current corporate tax rate. By that I mean, we could afford single payer universal healthcare for all. We would have enough tax payer funds to send our kids to public college, tuition free. If young people from working class families could obtain a higher education, they would be more likely to lift themselves out of poverty. We would also have enough tax dollars left over to create a stimulus package to transform our energy grid from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy such as wind, solar, tidal and geothermal energy. We can transform our energy grid to renewable energy which would help us battle climate change and it would create an estimated ten millon good paying jobs in the process. The unfortunate truth is, very few billionaires or corporations actually pay any taxes. So who has to make up the difference of these ‘lost’ taxes?

You and me!

What makes matters even worse is that not only do these greedy billionaires and corporations pay little to no taxes, but they also receive something called a corporate subsidy, which is a fancy word for a tax refund, paid for by the working and middle class Americans in our country. In the year 2015 the American tax payers gave $221 billion to extremely profitable pharmaceutical companies alone. This is only one example of the corporate welfare in our country today. Yet by some sort of miracle we can’t find the tax funds available to fix the water crisis in Flint Michigan, which is estimated to cost $500 million.

I apologize if I sound like just another Bernie Sanders supporting Millennial who wants free stuff, like clean drinking water. Admittedly, I’m just a whiny Millennial who can’t accept the bullshit that I witness on a weekly basis in this corporatist plutocratic nation, who seems to only serve the interests of corporate America and the rich. Everyone who is not in the 0.01% of the population, is essentially a slave to the people who own our country. Are you aware that 51% of Americans earn less than $30,000 a year. Please by all means, Mr and Mrs baby-boomer, go ahead and tell me how many Oscars La La Land won again.

If I’m being honest, my opinion is the smear campaign against Millennials is because we are more prone to see through all the bullshit propaganda that the wiser generations before us so graciously eat up. We are the generation who grew up with computers as a normal part of everyday life. We obtained our information for school projects from the Internet, so it only makes sense that we would get our news from the Internet as well. There is countless information out there proving that most of the news put forth through the mainstream media is fear mongering, brainwashing propaganda. Regardless of which political spectrum you find yourself associated with, your mainstream media is bias garbage. I believe the elite are smearing Millennials in particular because a lot of us have figured out how messed up things really are. We understand there is gigantic gap between the rich and the poor and it is exponentially increasing. We are simply voicing our opinions about that and everything else that is wrong about United States today.

Next time you are about to trash talk Millennials by calling us a lazy ungrateful group of freeloaders, please remember the points mentioned in this article. Understand that we are in this fight together. It’s no longer right versus left, it’s us versus our corporate rulers.