Peercisely — Hire People, Not Keywords

Do you find yourself looking for skilled employees but you just can’t seem to find the right one? The latest startup we supported, peercisely, aims to solve that. Find out about the platform we built to let everyone refer people they know for jobs they will love.

We are very excited to announce peercisely launched at Collision Conf on Tuesday, May 5th. It’s our latest startup client, one that we supported from the initial idea to finished product. Peercisely is a new approach to hiring — instead of relying on bland resumes and keywords, employers can tap into a fantastic base of social referrers who will scour their social networks for the perfect candidate. By referring matching candidates, users earn points that peercisely rewards each month with a payout to the user’s chosen charities. Users may also get a referral cash bonus if their candidate gets hired.

Polidea got involved at an early stage of the project, iterating with founder Arek Sokol on concept design and refining the logic and architecture of the product. We were very happy to welcome Arek in Warsaw several times during this process to closely cooperate and make sure we were building the app he imagined. With biweekly calls and frequent sync-ups the work felt more like a single team than a client-agency relationship. This allowed us to make changes on the fly and to integrate the best of the agile way into this project.

Another thing that shaped the final product was the close cooperation of designers and developers on all peercisely components, including architecture, web and mobile app. The shared space and close proximity allowed the team to reduce communication overhead and instead participate in the whole process equally.

We supported peercisely in creating an entire ecosystem: the product comprises a web application for employers to post jobs, an iOS app for social referrers and a complete backend serving the best matched candidates to employers. Not ones to reinvent the wheel, we chose some of our favourite frameworks and libraries to construct this complex environment, including Docker, Ember.js and the Bolts library for iOS.

Supporting startups in creating their products from scratch is no small task. There is no existing user base to test on, no big marketing department or sky-is-the-limit budget. But there is that certain something that we love: participating in building cutting edge products that will shape the tech scene of tomorrow. “Polidea was my extended team”, says Arek Sokol, peercisely’s founder. Project Lead Kamil Jaworski seconds this statement: “It was hard, but it was worth it. The best work always is.” Good luck peercisely!

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